Tips for Finding a UX Designer

Before you even consider sending out emails or making calls to find a potential designer to work with, consider that you’re looking for the right qualifications.

According to research cited by the British Computer Society, 75 percent of judgments on a website’s credibility are due to its overall aesthetics. While the look of your site is important, what’s also essential is that your designer acts as a customer service representative eager to solve their UX problems.

Make sure you’re asking the right questions. Does your designer know exactly what your site needs to improve customer satisfaction? Do they have an eye for what aspects need to be changed in order to boost ROI and drive traffic? Are they listening to the feedback from customers and actively using it to improve results?

A good designer will focus not only on the physical look of your website, but also its overall experience. They’ll take analytics, feedback and criticism and use that to create a UX that pleases visitors. They want people to visit your site and not only think it’s aesthetically pleasing, but easy to explore.

If you’ve never hired a UX designer before and don’t know any off the top of your head, asking around for suggestions is never a bad idea. A report by Jobvite found that 45 percent of businesses plan to increase their investment in employee referrals in future budgeting because of its ability to find quality, efficient workers.

Think about the sites you want your own to emulate and what makes them different from the rest. Is there a website in your niche whose design and functionality appeal to your tastes? What drew you to them? How can you take their best elements and mold them to fit your own brand?

Make a list of these websites and reach out to them inquiring about their UX. If they hired a designer, you now have access to their information and can create a consultation about the details such as price point, look and feel and goals.

Do your research beforehand and know specifically what it is you’re looking for. Different designers have different tastes and visions, and it’s important you work with someone who is on the same page as you.

Though they’ve garnered a somewhat tarnished reputation, freelancing platforms aren’t the worse place to find a UX designer so long as you don’t lower your standards.

You’ll come across designers on these platforms willing to work for pennies and it’s for a reason. If you hire for cheap, a cheap UX is exactly what you’re going to get. Don’t think that just because you’re getting a good deal with a two-hour turnaround that you’ll end up with spectacular results. You get what you pay for, and designers deserve proper compensation for their work just like everyone else.

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