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Finding the right sales automation tool for your business can be a real challenge, as there are numerous options on the market. But finding something that works right is important. Sales automation platforms can offer an effective way to manage your sales cycle by allowing you to oversee where clients are in the sales process, and they may come with a range of automated features and options to help customize messages or provide stronger insights into customers’ preferences.

Using Active Campaign has increased the lifetime value of our customers because it triggers personalized emails to our prospects and customers based on their behavior. This allows us to craft messaging that matches where they are in their journey and move them another step forward. The result is an amazing relationship with them and the ability to help them with bigger and better problems.”We use Calendly to help us schedule meetings. It’s an easy-to-use tool that makes finding a good time to meet a breeze. You just send someone your Calendly link and they are able to book the day and time that works best for them from your availability.

Clear Slide is an awesome tool that lets you perfect your sales deck and pitch. It not only tells you who has opened your email, but also who has viewed your sales presentation, for how long, and what slides they spent the most time on. You can then follow up with those that are the most interested instead of blindly following up with people.

This very versatile tool – which stands for If This, Then That – has a wide variety of applications for both personal and business use. There are applets for almost any function, and you can automate many tasks using them. It also integrates with just about every other major marketing tool, such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Asana, Trello and many others. Very good for automation and efficiency. is a cool artificial intelligence tool that helps you build relationships that drive growth. When you’re typing out an introduction email to a new contact, Nudge will scan the web for you to give you information – like mentions, company news and social activity – so that you can quickly and easily write more personalized messages.

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